Riversway IT  have recently looked at at the way we work internally and compared it to the services and products we offer. Internally, we monitor our own system, make sure updates and patches are applied, backups are run, look to see what the best process is for a task and shop around for our goods and services. In the past we have typically waited for the request to come in before we know there is a problem or a new service or product is required from our clients. This was the opposite of the way we work and we looked how we could change this. Our biggest change is with support. We now have a range of support packages which are fully customisable to suit you, no matter if you are a home user or a larger organisation. We have new products which allow us to monitor your computer environment securely over the internet, allow you to log your own support call through an email or via our web portal and let us support your computer remotely. Naturally there is also the human touch and we keep in contact with our clients, keeping them informed on the latest products, working through lifecycle management of their computers and making sure everything is working or just a general chat. With our suppliers, we have chosen a select number of UK leading companies that we work with closely. This ensures we have a good working relationship and can quickly respond to requests and also gain the best pricing which we can pass onto you. We are now moving beyond IT to products and partnering up with local companies to provide items such as artwork design and printing, engineering supplies and health & hygiene products. This is helping to make us a 'one stop shop' for the individuals and organisations we work with and support. Please take a bit of time to read through the rest of this site or feel free to contact us for further information on how we can help you.


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